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Press & Partners

Where did they write about Frael? And who do we cooperate with? You will find out all this in this article.

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Balm? Color?

Just in! Creamy Lip Tint with active ingredients to support lip hydration and add a soft touch of color New! Creamy Lip Tint with active ingredients that hydrate the lips and give them a touch of color.

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Autumn season

The market season will take place already in September at Sashe in the market place and Dobry trh. You can find more information about the events in this article.

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An interview with Dick Wolf

Veronika is an inspiring jeweler who loves her life and her work to the fullest. He transforms his brutal visions into original pieces that we desire. We visited her at her studio in Prague.

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Sójová sviečka White Tea Fraela x Biela Laba

Biele Laba here.

Colab with Biela Laba already has a second limit in the world, and this is the White Tea soy candle hand-cast in earthenware with unique hand-decoration.

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The shade Aňa

We are happy to announce the launch of the 23rd shade of lipstick and the inspirational personality Aňa Geislerová.

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Holiday favorites

Christmas and New Year’s represent great occasions for that special makeup. All you need is a few cosmetic products, and you can create charming makeup at home. Here are some of our top choices!

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