How to choose the right lipstick?

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade for You?

Each of us has a different skin tone. How do you know which lipstick suits your undertone? 

The colors we wear can highlight our most flattering features or accentuate the less flattering ones. 

You know that feeling when you try on a t-shirt in a trendy color, but it makes you look ten years more tired? Your skin undertone simply doesn’t match that color.

But How Do You Know Which Type Are You? 

Basic skin undertones are divided into three categories: warm, cold, and neutral. 

As a rule, the colors of clothing that fall in the same category as your skin undertone will be the ones most flattering for you.

Fraela rúž Adriazia

The Three Tricks

1. One way to determine your skin undertone is to look at the color of the veins on your wrist in the daylight. If the color is blueish or violet, your skin's undertone is cold. Green or olive veins are an indication of warm undertones. If you can’t decide or see both, blue and green veins, the undertone of your skin is most likely neutral.

2. Another method you can use to get more familiar with your skin is the following: stand in front of a mirror wearing a white towel wrapped around your head. Take a piece of white paper and compare it to your neck or chest. If your skin seems red or pink, your skin has a cool undertone. If your skin is a shade of yellow, your skin's undertone is warm. If you still can’t decide, your undertone could be neutral.

3. The third trick that can help you determine your skin’s color complex involves jewelry. Gold and silver chains, ideally of a similar size, will suffice. Place the chains on your neck in front of a mirror and see which one makes your skin look healthier and more radiant. If it’s the silver one, your skin’s undertone is cold. If it’s the gold one, your undertone is warm. If you can’t decide even after this third test, your skin has a neutral undertone, and most colors will suit you.

Groups of Fraela lipsticks based on undertones:

Cold shades:

Viera, Petra, Ivica, Adriazia, Tonbo, Zuzanadi

Warm shades:

Linda, Híling, Barbora, Nikoleta, Donna, Nikola, Jana, Kiki

Neutral shades:

Alex, Dominika, Tina, Milada, Clarisse, Kristína, Martina, Tereza

Make-up artist Vierka Duskova a.k.a. @kesulatko prepared a detailed blog post on this topic with pictures, and you can find it on her blog.

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