Tereza: The Shade of Our Dreams

It was the end of summer 2022, and we went to see Tereza in Prague. Was it our dream come true? Well, yes. When we asked her to be one of our ambassadors, she responded: “Having your shade of lipstick is a beautiful idea- I like it!” She accepted, and out of six prototyped shades, we certified the one that was her “love at first sight!”

Our story begins here

 We drove to Prague for three hours while listening to playlists ranging from Alice in Chains to Destiny’s Child.

Everything went smoothly, and Prague welcomed us with warm sunny weather. We agreed with Vierkato meet for a chat and a coffee before going to the photo shoot. Just from the Vinohrady alone, we could feel that Tereza would be someone special. We walked through the streets and soaked up the atmosphere of the city.

We rang the bell, and an exceptional woman appeared right before us!

Meet Tereza

There it was. Tereza took us to the roof of her apartment, where we could see the entire Prague, and showed us her beautiful, feminine, and spontaneous side.

She chose her outfits while Vierka did her makeup. Then she showed us her bathroom and where she styles her hair. It was an ideal spot to shoot photos with a slightly cheeky atmosphere, and we discovered Tereza’s adventurous nature. That’s the way it is.

We’ve seen it before. Tereza is like all of us women. Spontaneous and kind, but at the same time, brave and free. All in one female being.

Tereza is about that feeling; an inspiring woman who lives her feelings “here and now.” On the way home, we kept telling each other: “wow, this is it!”

Thank you, Tereza, for allowing us to “go crazy.”

Who is Tereza?

Tereza owns a hairdressing salon in one of the beautiful districts of Prague. We know her from her YouTube videos, where she educates us on correct hair and scalp care and shares tips and tricks from the world of hairdressing. She radiates playfulness, kindness, freedom, and independence and tries to pass that on to all women through social media and her chair. 

“I’m independent, and it’s worth all the nerves around me. I wear makeup the way I like it, I dye my hair different colors and dress according to my current mood, and that’s something I try to pass on to all women through social media and in my chair.”

What are Tereza’s thoughts on her lipstick shade?

“The girls mixed ,the shade is not “too much” to wear during the day, but it is perfect for an evening event at the same time. We went over six prototypes, and this shade was love at first sight for me! I love how soft the

I love how soft the Fraela lipsticks are, so even the bolder shades do not seem too “harsh,” and so I was not afraid of the darker raspberry shade. I think it works great for me. The lipstick looks good with light makeup, but a bold eyeliner too, which I wear most of the time”.

"Nebojte se být svá, nebojte se dopřát si, nebojte se věřit, že dokážete velký věci. Protože dokážete, jen tomu musíte začít věřit.”

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