The Story of Fraela and Biela Laba

We always wanted to make beautiful collaborations that arise spontaneously, like everything here at Fraela. We like to experiment and discover new things with a lot of productive and exciting work behind us. That’s why we started making natural, decorative cosmetics, and today, we also added soy candles. Meanwhile, we met Katka Jakubcinova. 

We were familiar with Katka’s work before. The Biela Laba brand that Katka has with her colleague Linda creates designs that are minimalistic and natural but, at the same time, original and loving. We were drawn to her because we knew she would grasp Fraela’s vision and create unique stoneware for our new Jolly candle.

Fraela a Biela Laba colab

“I enjoy ceramic challenges, and of the biggest ones for me was the collaboration with Fraela.”

At Katka’s Studio

We met Katka at her studio several times. We had the opportunity to visit this second hole of hers and admire all the “nooks and crannies” of her workspace.

She prepared a sample sheet for us, where she experimented with different techniques and coatings. Afterward, we tried, in Layman’s terms, to move it to the next level, which seemed impossible at first. Finally, something more beautiful than we could ever imagine came out of it.

Fraela a Katka Jakubčinová - Biela Laba

From Glaze to Fire

Katka experimented with colors and glaze and knew she wanted to get as close to Fraela as possible. She succeeded. The entire container has a design and glaze uniquely created for our collaboration.

“Zadanie bolo jasné, farbou glazúry sa čo najviac priblížiť pigmentom rúžov a rozjasňovačov. Miešanie tých správnych kombinácii glazúr bolo časovo náročnejšie, ale ten pocit keď sa to podarilo bol krásny.”

Limited Edition 

Our collaboration resulted in a limited edition of sixty candles in a unique handmade earthenware cup. 

Each container is numbered and branded on the bottom.

Every single piece carries the creator’s love for her work.

Fraela a Biela Laba limitka

“Each container is unique with the colors in each having their world full of softly shimmering reflections.”

And our story...

Making cosmetics has been our hobby for years. When we contemplated starting our own business, we also played with the idea of making soy candles (candle lovers here!), but in the end, the decorative cosmetics won.

Today, we can say that this long-lasting dream of ours has come true.

The Jolly hand-cast soy candles have a scent of a delicious freshly baked cake. They will make your home smell of the spicy notes of clove, cinnamon, and brown sugar

Jolly’s scent is ideal for bringing out the Christmas mood and contentment.

Love, Fraela & Biela Laba

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