Makeup inspirations according to the latest trends

A makeup artist Ivana Sukenníková has prepared a video inspiration containing three tips for makeup according to the latest trends using the Fraela decorative cosmetics.

If you are looking for tips on using the Fraela multi-sticks, highlighters, and lipsticks; or using lipstick as eyeliner, Ivana will show you some tips in her videos. Get inspired by her ideas.

Ivana Súkenníková is a professional Makeup artist, hairstylist, and stylist from Slovakia.

A monochromatic look

I used a multi-stick in Rose on the cheeks, eyes, and lips. Rose.

Its pleasant, creamy consistency feels fresh and juicy on the skin.

First, I recommend applying the product to the back of your hand and then to your face with a brush- it will be easier to blend.

Sparkling eyes

I used the highlighter in Opal on the eyes and cheekbones- the effect is unreal.

For better durability, I recommend applying the foundation under the eye shadow and then using your finger to fill in the highlighter.

I used the lipstick in Petra a beautiful, more pronounced burgundy purple that you can layer perfectly to achieve the desired intensity.

Color line

If you are not afraid to experiment, try applying the multi-stick as eyeliner.

I used the multi-stick in Berry..

On my lips, I have used the lipstick in Viera fresher and less cold than Martinait is such a pretty baby pink color.

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