Balm? Color?

Why not both!

Creamy Lip Tint with active ingredients,
to support lip hydration and add a soft touch of color.

Color Care

+ Phytosqualane - helps to hydrate the skin. By creating a lipid barrier, it prevents dehydration.

+ Kukui nut oil – softens the skin and leaves it silky soft 

+ Dragon fruit oil – rich in vitamin C, has soothing effects on the skin  

+ Vegetable lanolin  - an ingredient popular for its moisturizing abilities, which helps protect the skin from transepidermal water loss. 

+Acticire® helps hydrate the upper layers of the skin by more than 15%.

6 shades

Behind the scene

Make up: Mona May make-up

Backstage photographer: Jana Martish

Styling: Petra Konček

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