An interview with Dick Wolf

Veronika is an inspiring jewelry artist that loves life and enjoys her work to the fullest. She transforms her brutal visions into jewelry pieces we all pine for. We visited her studio in Prague. 

Why Dick Wolf?

It is a pseudonym I have had since school. In English, it is Richard Wolf, Richard= Dick, a classic first and last name. When I first started, I did not want to be associated with my name because it gave me the freedom to be creative.

Did you have a problem finding your style in the beginning? Were you worried you would be misunderstood or judged, or did you not deal with it?

Not at all. Since I started, I did not care how people would perceive my art or whether they would like it. I wanted to finally relax and do things my way without thinking about fitting in. I had no idea that so many things would happen in such a short time frame and my work would have such a fan base.

What characterizes your jewelry?

I hope it is noticeable. I am not a fan of those marketing slogans on the labels. I find my pieces crude and bold, sometimes they look brutal at first glance but look at how they complement the wearer, and suddenly it works almost unbearably.

I try to put timelessness into my jewelry and avoid those trendy moments, which sell better, but then what next?

The life around me, my life, the moments I find myself in. I translate what I live or have experienced into my jewels. There are also abstract moments, my dreams, among other things.

Do you consider decorative cosmetics as part of your self-expression?

Absolutely! I guess I have nothing else to add. I never leave the house without lipstick. I love it! I do not wear any other makeup, no eye makeup. Lipstick is all I need.

What makes you the happiest?

Love, sex, freedom, and great food.

How do you feel and perceive yourself within society today?

Well, this would be a topic for a completely different discussion. :))) I will try to be brief, though. Since nobody thought I could start my own jewelry business, start my brand, make a living doing what I love, and still feel successful, everybody around me is happy for me, in terms of my family and friends.
As for society in general, I honestly do not care if anyone expects anything from me. I do everything the way I like it. I am a woman in my 30s who does not rush into mortgages and starting a family just because I am that age. As I get older, I dress more adventurously and feel even freer.
As I get older, I dress more adventurously and feel even freer.

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