The Ninja Retzer Lingerie x Fraela

Táto limtovaná edícia je trvalo vypredaná

A limited collaboration that presents two brand-new products; a satin bodysuit designed by Ninja Retzer and a natural lipstick Alex by Fraela. 

We have always been together. We have stood by each other since our beginnings, and our paths have kept crossing. We set out to discover new smells and touches at the right time, and right place, and together we blossom into new beginnings. Fraela x Ninja Retzer is a new connection from a long time ago.

Lingerie bodysuit by Ninja Retzer

Ninja Retzer represents the way women are and dream to become. Free, feminine, themselves, and for themselves. For a better world. There is something more in each of us that we need to let blossom.

Composition: Satin: 70% silk, 24% polyester, 6% elastane; Chiffon: 100% silk; Cord: 100% viscose.

Natural lipstick Alex

A beautiful nude, warm shade is ideal for everyday wear. 100% vegan with a light raspberry scent.

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Produkt je trvalo vypredaný
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